Slave Contract

I,(insert name), hereinafter known as the submissive, do of my own free will and being of sound mind and body hereby offer myself in consensual submission to Claire, the Dominant, for the period beginning at midnight on (insert date), 2019 and continuing for the duration agreed upon by both parties.

The submissive agrees to please Claire to the best of his ability. The submissive agrees to address the Dominant as “Mommy” or “Miss”, unless otherwise directed, while the Dominant may address the submissive in any way she chooses.

The submissive, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by the Dominant, however, the submissive may be subject to fines dependant upon the reason for said veto. 

The Dominant accepts responsibility for the submissive’s body and the submissive accepts responsibility for informing the Dominant of any real or perceived dangers or safety concerns.

The submissive understands that any infractions of this agreement will result in punishment. The submissive will gracefully accept punishment, and pay any fines owing to the Dominant. 

The submissive agrees to perform two tasks per week as assigned by the Dominant; the submissive can perform the tasks at any point within the 7 day period. If a task remains incomplete, the task will roll over into the next 7 day period, and the submissive will be required to complete 3 tasks within the following 7 day period. A fine of $10 is owed for each incomplete task, and increases with each week that the task remains incomplete. Tasks will be assigned every Monday.

The submissive agrees to tribute the Dominant $40 per week as part of his service. Tributes are due by 12AM EST each Wednesday, beginning the week of (insert date), 2019, and can be delivered in person, or via emt. In-person sessions will be tributed separately. 

This contract shall be considered in force by the electronic signatures entered by each party respectively in the space below, effective beginning (insert date), 2019.

Name of Dominant:

Name of submissive: