What are your rates?

My rates for sessions are $150 per hour. I also do phone and Skype sessions; phone sessions are billed at $50 per hour, and Skype sessions are billed at $70 per hour.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, all sessions require a deposit of $25 per hour booked. Deposits are non-refundable and secure your spot. Appointments will not be booked without a deposit. EMT deposits can be sent to: theinnocentsadist@gmail.com

Do you accept contracted slaves?

I do; if you would like to become a contracted slave, simply download and fill out the contract here. Read the contract thoroughly before submitting. Once I have received your information, I will get in touch with you via email or text, as is your preference, to provide you with your weekly assignments. To begin the contract, the initial tribute of $40 must be sent via gift card or EMT to: theinnocentsadist@gmail.com

What are your favourite fetishes?

My personal favourites are ABDL, age play, consensual non-consent and sissification.

What do you provide during an ABDL session?

I provide toys, wet wipes, baby lotion, baby powder, and nurturing enthusiasm. Any items that are a sanitary issue, such as bottles and pacifiers, are provided by you. Adult-sized baby clothing and diapers are also provided by you, as sizing, cost, and personal preferences make it difficult for me to do so. If you would like to take your AB experience to the next level, you can also book the ABDL play space at TheRitualChamber.ca, and our session can take place there.

Where are you located?

I am located in the east end of Toronto, close to Main and Danforth.

Do you do outcall?

I do, however, I charge for 30 mins of travel time at my regular rate.